RAID Labs October News

Here’s some exciting news that’s going on in our RFID lab!

The Radio Frequency and Auto Identification (RAID) Labs is currently training new researchers for the coming semester. The lab intends to train all new researchers and have everyone working in RAID Labs capable of performing RFID Feasibility Audits for outside companies. The RFID Feasibility Audits will determine the best RFID system an experimented company should implement to reduce inventory holding costs as well as improve efficiency in terms of ease of access of products and better maintenance of stock levels.

In addition to the aforementioned Feasibility Audits, RAID Labs has a newly established partnership with UT Southwestern. RAID Labs will use this unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the uses of RFID and AID in a health care setting. RAID Labs is also looking to host an RFID Student Generated Conference in the coming months which will bring students, faculty, and professionals together to discuss findings in RFID and the direction RFID is heading as an up and coming technology.

You can find out more information about RAID Labs at


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