Mother’s Day Tribute to Ph.D. Graduate

In honor of Mother’s Day and Graduation week, here is a message from Maysaa Hamdan, who is earning her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering on Saturday and is a mother of three daughters:

Maysaa Hamdan-Family
Maysaa Hamdan-Family/photo provided

“When I came to the US to join my husband, I knew then that I would have the opportunity to follow my dreams and finish my graduate studies and hopefully become a professor one day.

Now, I have 3 daughters: Amal, Laila and Heba, 8, 6, and 3 years old.

I had my first daughter shortly before I started my masters at UTA, and with a very busy schedule full of classes, homework, exams and projects, it was very challenging to manage my responsibilities between my family and my schoolwork. Though, I eventually learned how to deal with the challenges. I learned how to become a multitasking mom, and I became more determined to finish my graduate studies.

The University of Texas has a very good reputation in my country (Palestine) and now I am very proud to be a graduate of the University of Texas system.

I want my girls to grow happy and healthy, to always follow their dreams and to inspire others.”


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