Ph.D. Student Helps Family in Nepal

A month ago, our Ph.D. Industrial Engineering student, Ukesh Chawal, flew home to Nepal to help his community with money and goods donated by the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department’s faculty and staff.


He distributed the donated dry goods, including food and water filters, to members of his community.

Photo provided
Photo provided

When he got home, he discovered the earthquake destroyed his family’s house and cannot be salvaged. Although the Nepalese government is providing a small stipend, it will only cover a fraction of the cost to rebuild his house.
Photo provided

Although the earthquake destroyed his family’s house beyond repair, he and his family were able to retrieve some belongings from their house.
Photo provided
Photo provided

The earthquake trapped many people under rubble and building debris, including Ukesh’s cousin. He tragically saw his own sister die while holding her hand after the earthquake. After three hours, he was finally rescued, but unfortunately, he broke 3 ribs and he cannot move most of his left hand.

The doctors said he needs a surgery, but since it is a minor surgery, he will have to wait until those with major surgery needs receive treatment.

Photo provided

      As a Ph.D. student, Ukesh said he hopes to return to UT Arlington later this summer or fall.  However, he is happy for the opportunity to go back home to help and comfort his community in Nepal.


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