Graduate Teaching Assistants: Job Well Done!

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) run the universities.

Without GTAs, most professors would be too swamped with grading exams and figuring out classroom details to focus on effective teaching and innovative research.

At the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department, our GTAs work hard for their professors and departments while also attending their own classes and performing their own research.  In the process, they have valuable experience for the working world.

Here’s to you: Spring 2015 GTAs.  Our department couldn’t have done it without you!

Ashkan Aliabadi Farahani

Hadis Anahideh

Soma Balasubramanian

Zahra Banakar

Christoph Bollgen

Juan Castillo

Mustafa Ghotwala

Shalini Gupta

Maysaa M Hamdan-Abuhelou (click to see Ph.D. dedication)

Khan Md Ariful Haque

Vikas Hinge

Rahil Hosseini

Gazi Md Daud Iqbal

Xinglong Ju

Melvina Lobo

Joyita Mostafa

Ashok Nagamuthu Muniyandi

Alireza Noroziroshan

Nilabh Sunil Ohol

Sanjeev Pudasaini

Fahimeh Rahmanniyaychomachaei

Rui Shi

Chotiya Sukchotrat

Supannee Sukjaijaroenporn

Peng Wan

Qian Wu

Some of the following have worked as GTAs for many semesters and will continue to work as GTAs this summer and fall. Others will be graduating.

IMSE GTA Directory for Summer 2015:


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