New Office Ushers in New Era

Our office is ushering in a new era with a freshly renovated office.

So much has changed about the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department in the last few years, including a new Department Chair (click here to read more about Dr. Paul Componation), dramatically increased enrollment and graduation numbers, and now a new, modern office.

IMSE Renovation Before
IMSE Office Before //Photo by Cassandra Toney

Julie Estill, IMSE Senior Office Assistant said the main purpose of the renovation is to benefit the students because of the drastic student population increase.  She said the office’s new look matches the influx of new faculty and staff and processes that will be put into place.

IMSE Department renovation
IMSE Office During Renovation //Photo by Cassandra Toney

The main office and the conference room got a whole new look, including replacing the old brown carpet with new, crisp blue carpet and  painting the walls white, which gives the office a very fresh, clean feel.

IMSE Department renovation3
IMSE Office After Renovation //Photo by Cassandra Toney

Additionally, we replaced the long, fluorescent bulbs with stylish, square, eco-friendly LED lights, which really brighten the space.

Office Final Renovation
Settling in to new office // Photo by: Cassandra Toney

Last but not least, all the old desks, chairs and couches were replaced by new, high-quality furniture to accommodate the high-traffic office.

New Office Waiting area
New Office Waiting area // Photo by: Cassandra Toney

As Julie Estill said, “It will be different and everyday is a new adventure.”


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