Father’s Day Tribute to Ph.D. Student

In honor of Father’s Day, our department would like to honor Sam Okate, who is a father pursuing his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at UT Arlington.

Sam Okate with son
Sam Okate with son //Photo Provided

“I have lived in Arlington my whole life, so my choice for graduate school was not hard.  When I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, I knew I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree in Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington.

At this same time of starting my Master’s degree, my son was born into the world.  Once I completed my Master’s degree, I was apprehensive to move forward with the doctoral degree for the sake of spending time with my new bundle of joy because I knew the responsibility of juggling work, school, and my son would be great.

After consulting with the UTA IMSE faculty, they made me feel really comfortable and gave me priceless advice that enabled me to make the decision to continue on with my educational pursuits.

Sam Okate with son championship
Sam Okate with son // Photo provided

I am very thankful that I am able to follow my goals and dreams, and that UTA gave me the avenue to do so.”

–Written by Sam Okate, Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering Candidate


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