PhD Seminar Series

Every week, the IMSE Department hosts a PhD Seminar Series with featured presenters, including professors, industry leaders, and our own PhD students.

This semester, the seminars have included:

  • Dr. Shouyi Wang, IMSE Assistant Professor: “Data Mining and Pattern Learning for Personalized Healthcare Decision-Making Systems” and “An Efficient Time Series Subsequence Pattern Mining and Prediction Framework with an Application to Respiratory Motion Prediction”
Dr. Shouyi Wang presents at the first IMSE PhD Seminar for Fall 2015.
  • Dr. Jay Rosenberger, IMSE Associate Professor and director of COSMOS: “Mixed integer linear programming approaches for land use planning that limit urban sprawl”
  • Dr. Sheik Imrhan, IMSE Associate Professor: “Ergonomics Research, focusing on the kinematics of manual tasks”
  • Dr. Nedialko Dimitrov, UT Austin Assistant Professor in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering: “Mapping Risk of Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Texas”
  • Dr. Brian Huff, IMSE Associate Professor: “The Use of Auto Model Generation Techniques to Support the Modeling and Analysis in Discrete-Event Systems”
  • Dr. Aera LeBoulluec, IMSE Senior Lecturer
  • Antonia Alanis, IMSE PhD student under Dr. Rosenberger: “Mathematical Optimization Techniques for Selective Catalytic Reduction for a Fleet of Power Plants”
  • Yeqing Li, CSE PhD student: “Iterative Data Imputation for Adaptive Pain Management”
  • Rohit Rawat, EE PhD student: “Two-stage Feature Selection for Efficient Modeling of Pain Management Data”
  • Dr. Bill Corley, IMSE Professor: “A Brief Introduction to Game Theory Old and New”
  • Sam Okate, IMSE PhD student: “Evaluating the Impacts of the “Internet of Things” to Reduce Runway Incursions and Understanding the How, Why, and When”
  • Steve Kiester, an industry leader from Bell Helicopter: “Essentials of Entry-level Project Management”

    Steve Kiester, an industry leader from Bell Helicopter, presents at the last IMSE PhD Seminar for Fall 2015

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