Fall 2012 Graduates

On Sunday, December 16, 2012, the College of Engineering conducted its commencement ceremony at UTA’s College Park Center to recognize students who had completed their degrees during the Fall and Summer semesters. The Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Department graduated eleven undergraduate, twenty-eight master’s, and six doctoral students. We want to take a moment to congratulate all our graduates on their achievement. Below is the list of our Fall 2012 Graduates, as listed in UTA’s student newspaper, The Shorthorn:

Ph.D. Industrial Engineering:

Bancha Ariyajunya, Dissertation Title: Solving Approximate Dynamic Programming Problems With High-Dimensional Multicollinear State Spaces

Sree Bhupathiraju, Dissertation Title: The Art of Micro-Channel Manufacturing in Glass

Poovich Phaladiganon, Dissertation Title: Data Mining Based Threshold Development for Novelty Detection

[Below had degrees confirmed Summer 2012]

Vasileios M. Drakonakis, Dissertation Title: Featherweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Design and Manufacturing – Interlayer Enabling Systems Focusing on Lighter CFRP Structures with Higher-Strength Utilizing Nanotechnology

Andrea Graham, Dissertation Title: Using AHP and ANP Models for Freight Transport Networks Selection

Pin Kung, Dissertation Title: Multivariate Modeling for a Multiple Stage, Multiple Objective Green Building Framework

M.E. Industrial Engineering:

Mohammad Saiful Islam

M.S. Engineering Management: 

Thomas W. Hawkins

Kelly Murillo

Jirachaya Namboonmee

Kehinde F. Osiyoye

Jaime Cardona [Degree conferred Summer 212]

M.S. Industrial Engineering:

Salman Ahmad

Majid Ahmadi

Chinmay M. Aney

Md Mejbauddin Chowdhury

Riddham Maheshbhai Desai

Hamid Ghoraishi

William Karashin

Harshad Khonalkar

Aditya Krishnan Narasimham

Wei-Te Niou

Rahul Ravi

Krunal Nikhilbhai Shah

Bharat Venugopal

Ahmad Nahhas [Degree conferred Summer 2012]

Kalyn Taylor Panizo [Degree conferred Summer 2012]

M.S. Logistics:

Yu Xiang

Songhee Hong Gardner [Degree conferred Summer 2012]

Jiahong Ma [Degree conferred Summer 2012]

Danielle Wilson [Degree conferred Summer 2012]

M.S. Systems Engineering:

Trevor Jay Bakker

Russell Elliot

Cynthia Mounce

Congratulations to all our graduates!

Video and Photos of the College of Engineering commencement ceremony can be found at: http://www.uta.edu/commencement/photos-videos/index.php.


A COSMOS Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

On November 16th, COSMOS Ph.D. student Bancha Ariyajunya successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Adaptive Dynamic Programming for High-Dimensional, Multicollinear State Spaces.” His dissertation committee included COSMOS faculty Dr. Victoria Chen, Dr. Jay Rosenberger, and Dr. Li Zeng. His dissertation addressed the problem of correlated variables in a dynamic programming state space.

His methodology was originally motivated by airport deicing activities and was tested on an ozone pollution control optimization. In airport deicing, the state of the system considers the environmental impact of deicing, and the environmental variables are highly correlated.

In ozone pollution, the state of the system considers ozone concentrations in the air, and these are highly correlated over time and space. Bancha’s research was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. His current research interest is in the area of statistical modeling and data mining.

Featured Student: Misagh Faezipour, Ph.D. Industrial Engineering Candidate With a Focus in Systems Engineering

The IMSE Department at UT Arlington offers degrees in Industrial Engineering at the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. levels plus Masters degrees in Logistics, Engineering Management, and Systems Engineering. Since we only offer a doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering, students can focus their degree in areas of expertise such as Systems Engineering. In this blog, I’ll be focusing on one of those students and how she plans to apply her research to real-world needs.

Misagh Faezipour is a Ph.D. candidate at the Industrial Engineering department with a focus in Systems Engineering. She is also affiliated with the System Engineering Research Center (SERC). She has worked as a graduate research assistant on multiple projects in the SERC and is currently a graduate teaching assistant at the IE department. Her research interests lie in the areas of engineering complex systems, healthcare, sustainability, simulation, systems thinking & systems dynamics. The focus of her current research is in Systems Engineering with an emphasis on sustainability related to Systems Engineering and applied to the healthcare domain.

Her dissertation is related to addressing water sustainability in hospitals. System dynamics is applied as a modeling approach to provide a better understanding of the water sustainability considerations & model key factors and interrelationships involved in hospitals. A simulator is being developed that simulates the interactions of the key factors from the model. The simulator will help decision makers realize the impacts of their decisions made related to some key factors and also help then make informed decisions. The hospitals are the main stakeholder in this research, and the goal is to help them with their water management process and support them to make informed decisions.