Capstone Senior Design

The IE 4350 Senior Senior Design Capstone presentations will be Thursday May 3rd , 2018, at 8:30 – 10:00 AM in Woolf Hall 413

2018 Spring Capstone Invite Ducks in a Row

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Alumni Win Awards at Americold

 Umit Sarilar and Sarah Moore, recent IMSE grads, were awarded Experienced Industrial Engineer 2016 and Industrial Engineer Tech 2016.

Both of the students gained experience through their Capstone Class and Senior Design Project.
“It was a great year for UTA graduates in Americold and I wanted to say thank you again for helping me to initiate that senior design project last year.” Umit Sarilar
Congratulations to you both!

Speaker Series Presentation- Monday 3/27

Dr. Ramtin Madani from the Department of Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington will present at the Seminar Monday March 27 at 1:15pm in Nedderman Hall 106.  Dr. Madani’s presentation title, abstract, and biographical sketch are below.

All students and faculty are encouraged to attend. Attendance is expected for GTAs and on-campus GRAs. There will be signature sheets for GTA’s located in the room. Please sign in to note your attendance.

Author: Dr. Ramtin Madani
Title: Mathematical Programming Methods for Control and Optimization of Power Systems
Location: Nedderman Hall Room 106
Time: 1:15pm – 2:15pm

Abstract: This talk is concerned with the development of efficient computational methods for the design, operation and control of power systems. Due to difficulties such as the nonlinearity induced by laws of physics and binary parameters, several power system optimization problems cannot be solved based on a full model and have remained open for decades. Real-world approaches involve inherited approximations and heuristics, based on linearization and local search algorithms, that are believed to be costly and jeopardize the operation of the grid. We introduce a variety of graph-theoretic and penalized optimization techniques that facilitate performing fundamental, yet challenging optimization tasks such as the optimal power flow, state estimation and security constraint unit commitment. A novel method will be discussed for the classical problem of designing distributed controllers for stochastic systems with applications to renewable energy. Lastly, a distributed numerical algorithm with low-complex iterations is presented in order to address the need for solving large-scale conic optimization programs for power system applications. The goal is to develop the essential pieces for a powerful optimization and decision-making engine tailored for the modern grid requirements. The proposed techniques are simulated on real-world nationwide electrical systems.

Biographical Sketch: Ramtin Madani is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Columbia University in 2015 and was a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at University of California, Berkeley in 2016. His research focuses on developing algorithms for optimization, control and design of real-world complex systems such as electric power grids. Ramtin Madani’s work has received the 2016 Best Publication Award in Energy from the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Section on Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment. His recent work has been a best paper finalist for the flagship conference of the Control Systems Society (53rd Annual Conference on Decision and Control).


The IMSE Dept. Celebrates the Fourth Annual Awards Banquet

The Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Department hosted the 4th Annual Awards Banquet to honor graduating students as well as outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with awards and scholarships on Thursday, April 28th at 6pm in the Nedderman Hall Rady Room. The approximately 100 guests included the faculty, staff and members of the advisory board.  All guests enjoyed a formal, catered dinner. The wonderful evening concluded with a few brief comments from our graduating seniors and a final congratulation to award winners and graduates of the past year. Below are the six scholarships and names of awarded students.

The G. T. Stevens, Jr. Endowed Alumni Scholarship which was established in 1998 to honor the IMSE Department’s former Chair is awarded to outstanding Industrial Enginnering students. Dr. Stevens passed away this year therefore his children Mr. Bob Stevens and Ms. Bartlett Barry presented the scholarships. This year’s recipients were Ms. Tyka Do (Senior), Ms. Jasmine Lucero (Senior), Mr. Anoop Kulkarni (Graduate) and Mr. Alexander Thomas (Graduate).


The Keith and Carolyn Weiss Industrial Engineering Scholarship, which is given to deserving Industrial Engineering undergraduate students who are working to support their education. This year’s awardee is a senior, Ms. Griselda Sanchez.

The Weiss Family Endowed Scholarship is an award distributed by the UT Arlington Alumni Association to award a junior or senior undergraduate who have been working to support their education. This year’s recipient is senior Mr. Joshua Bolton.

The John and Pat Priest Family Endowed Scholarship is awarded to Industrial Engineering undergraduate students that have an interest in manufacturing. This year we have two awardees, Mr. Patrick Coursey and Ms. Mary Rangel.

The RFID and Auto ID Labs Outstanding Research Scholarship recognizes students conducting outstanding research in RAID Labs. This year’s recipients were Ms. Mary Rangel (Undergraduate), Ms. Isra Elamin (Graduate) and Mr. Raghavendra Punugu(Graduate).

The newest scholarship, The COSMOS Scholarship recognizes a student for his/her voluntary contribution to COSMOS research. This year’s awardee is Mr. Rajesh Sugumar.

Senior Design Capstone Presentations: Fall 2015

At the end of every semester, the Senior Design Capstone class presents their semester-long projects.


This semester’s projects included:

Allflex: Waste Time Reduction

Self-Sustaining Organic Gardening System

Triumph Aerostructures: Consolidated Business Systems Toolkit

Universal Trucking Inc.: Making it Fit

Siemens: Kitting Area Optimization


The Allflex team: Aaron Alagar and Lennett Cruz


Self-Sustaining Organic Gardening System Team: (LtoR Gabriella Tchombe, Mitra SIngh, Suat Kucukay, and Murat Kucukay



The Triumph Aerostructures Team: April Shortt, Cailin Bertucci, Rania Malkawi and Yara Hussein



The Universal Trucking Team: Stephen Holcomb, Justin Janiga, Khubaib Bari, and Davis Hoang


The Siemens Team: Sabu Kandel, Sarmila Acharya, Priyadarsini Subramanian, Bryan Shiroma, and Quy Nguyen



Student Rooms Remodeled

A note from our Department Chair, Dr. Paul Componation:
The fall semester is just around the corner, and we’re ready for the students to once again fill the rooms of Woolf Hall.  Our returning students will see several changes in our department.
IE Lab, Woolf Hall, room 400
IE Lab, Woolf Hall, room 400

The industrial engineering computer lab, Woolf Hall 400, has been updated with brand new furniture to make it easier for student to study or just relax with your classmates.

IE Lab, Woolf Hall, room 400

IE Lab, Woolf Hall, room 400

IE Lab, Woolf Hall, room 400
IE Lab, Woolf Hall, room 400

Our Multi-Purpose room, Woolf Hall 425-A has also been converted to a student study room.  It’s right across the hall from the IIE store so you can pick up a quick snack while your working on class projects.

Multi-purpose Room, Woolf Hall, 425-A, University of Texas at Arlington
Multi-purpose Room, Woolf Hall, 425-A
We hope students enjoy the renovations and new furniture!
The faculty and staff are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.  Enjoy your summer and best of success with your studies this fall.
-Dr. Paul Componation