IMSE Office Thanks Sandra Williams

Today was Sandra William’s last day at the IMSE Office.

She worked for our department for a few months helping clean out old files and storage rooms, following very strict retention codes. She also worked in the main office helping answering students questions and directing them to the correct professors.

We will miss you, Sandra! Thanks for all your hard work!

Sandra Williams is honored on her last day at IMSE //Photo by Cassandra Toney

Ph.D. Student Helps Family in Nepal

A month ago, our Ph.D. Industrial Engineering student, Ukesh Chawal, flew home to Nepal to help his community with money and goods donated by the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department’s faculty and staff.


He distributed the donated dry goods, including food and water filters, to members of his community.

Photo provided
Photo provided

When he got home, he discovered the earthquake destroyed his family’s house and cannot be salvaged. Although the Nepalese government is providing a small stipend, it will only cover a fraction of the cost to rebuild his house.
Photo provided

Although the earthquake destroyed his family’s house beyond repair, he and his family were able to retrieve some belongings from their house.
Photo provided
Photo provided

The earthquake trapped many people under rubble and building debris, including Ukesh’s cousin. He tragically saw his own sister die while holding her hand after the earthquake. After three hours, he was finally rescued, but unfortunately, he broke 3 ribs and he cannot move most of his left hand.

The doctors said he needs a surgery, but since it is a minor surgery, he will have to wait until those with major surgery needs receive treatment.

Photo provided

      As a Ph.D. student, Ukesh said he hopes to return to UT Arlington later this summer or fall.  However, he is happy for the opportunity to go back home to help and comfort his community in Nepal.

New Ph.D Graduate Will Return Home and Find Solutions

A few years ago, Na Wang found problems in her career as a mechanical engineer in China. Now, Dr. Na Wang finds solutions through Industrial Engineering.

Na Wang earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the IMSE Department in the Spring 2015.
Na Wang earned her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the IMSE Department in the Spring 2015. //Photo provided

I am from the middle part of China. I received my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power. I received my Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Science and Technology in Beijing. After graduation, I worked as a mechanical design engineer and was responsible for designing various types of equipment for a cold rolling production line.

Gradually, I felt there were some inefficiencies in the production line. However, I didn’t realize the root cause behind the inefficient phenomena at that time.

With my preliminary research, I found that studying Industrial Engineering would improve the inefficiencies.

Thus, I started my Ph.D study at UT Arlington’s IMSE department. After over four years of studying optimization under the supervision of Dr. Jay Rosenberger, I have learned the knowledge to make improvements in different applications. I have applied the knowledge in air traffic flow and pain management problems.

I will definitely miss the lovely environment in the IMSE department, and I will keep these precious memories forever.

My research interest is in statistical analysis, building prediction models, and optimization of MILP and MINLP models. I really enjoyed studying in the COSMOS Lab in the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department. My advisor, Dr. Jay Rosenberger, taught me so much. He is so knowledgeable and creative. In the past four years, his outstanding guidance made me feel that I was on a pleasant journey. I also learned a lot from Dr. Chen, Dr. Zeng, Dr. Corley, and Dr. Wang.

Other staff members in the IMSE department, like Julie, Kim and Richard always offered their help when I needed it. After finishing my Ph.D degree, I am planning to move back to China to be with my family.

Written by Na Wang

Na Wang graduated from the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2015 with a Ph.D in Industrial Engineering.

Congratulations to the 99 IMSE Graduates!

The Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Department in UT Arlington’s College of Engineering graduated 99 students on May 16, 2015 at the College Park Center.

Among the graduates, 4 scholars earned their Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering, 72 earned their graduate degrees, including 48 earning M.S. in Industrial Engineering, 18 earning M.S. in Engineering Management, 4 earning M.S. in Logistics and 2 earning M.S. in Systems Engineering and 23 undergraduate students earning B.S. in Industrial Engineering. The students’ names are listed below.

Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

Maysaa M. Hamdan (see Mother’s Day/Graduation Tribute to Maysaa)

Na Wang

Sunny Paraskumar Jain

Zirun Zhang

M.S. in Industrial Engineering

Abhimanyu Pothula

Abhishek Joshi

Aditya Dilip Sawant

Albert Nnadili

Amaraja Sunil Dalvi

Aniesh Sampathkumar

Aniket Ulhas Kadam

Ankit Surkutwar

Arpen Tusharbhai Punch

Aviesh Anand

Bharath Rajagopal

Chandra Shekar Gangaswamy

Danny Thomas John

Gaurav Yuvraj Mahajan

Harshita Reddy Hari Hara Reddy

Jithin Krishna Guduru

Jobi Thachemperil

Kaushic Devaraj

Neelam Chatterjee

Parkavan Tamilarasan

Pavan Bogram Mohan

Poojitha Kotha

Pradeep Gopalakrishnan

Pradyumna Mohanram Raja

Pranav Mukund Hegde

Pranay Reddy Akepati

Pranthik Produtur

Preethi Baskar

Rahul Krishnan

Rohit Varma Manthena

Sai Krishna Puppala

Saket Manoj Pundlik

Sandhya Chilakalapudi

Sanjay Bala Balasubramanian

Sanjeev Pudasaini

Santosh Roy Sampath Kumar

Saurabh Raghunath Shidhore

Senthilnathan Arunachalam

Shashankavarma Mantena

Suchismita Nibhanupudi

Varun Kolli

Venkata Sai Santosh Prabha

Vignesh Chandra Mohan

Vikas Hinge

Vikram Vivek Mohrir

Vivekananda Basavananda Devarahosahalli

Yusuf Durbar Shabbir


M.S. in Engineering Management

Abhishek Reddy Kuchikula

Avinash Gidugu

Bhavya Thumma Guntha

Edwin Pimentel

Kesav Kasukurthi

Krishna Dev Vala

Mayur Anil Bhosale

Melvina Lobo

Mohammed Khan

Mrunal Satishchandra Gedam

Narongrit Boonthunyaluk

Naveen Rajagopal Reddy

Nikhil Appasani

Pratiksha Datta Autade

Ramsundar Sundar

Rashesh Rajeshkumar Shah

Shivam Atulkumar Patel

Syed Ahmed

M.S. in Logistics

Nayana Basur Shankarappa

Ranjit Bangalore Shamanna

Ryan Dietrich

Uday Giridhar

M.S. in Systems Engineering

Kayla Marshall

Michael Knab

Undergraduate Students*

Angelo Decena-Guzman

Anthony Kallas

Blessing Chima

Cody Smith

Colin Brisco

Cynthia Rodriguez

Greta Leza

Hashini Wanniarachchi

Jason Lawson

Jeffrey Williams

Joshua Howard

Kadiamba Mukala

Kevin Garza-Magana

Kevin Joseph

Kristopher Leonhardt

Lan Nguyen

Leila Khalaf

Marco Torres

Menglin Qiu

Michael Reeves

Ngoc Vuong

Oscar Ibezim

Tangwa Nembo

*Some names withheld

Watch the full ceremony:

Or on Youtube: (click here)

Download a full copy of the 2015 College of Engineering Commencement (click here)

Mother’s Day Tribute to Ph.D. Graduate

In honor of Mother’s Day and Graduation week, here is a message from Maysaa Hamdan, who is earning her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering on Saturday and is a mother of three daughters:

Maysaa Hamdan-Family
Maysaa Hamdan-Family/photo provided

“When I came to the US to join my husband, I knew then that I would have the opportunity to follow my dreams and finish my graduate studies and hopefully become a professor one day.

Now, I have 3 daughters: Amal, Laila and Heba, 8, 6, and 3 years old.

I had my first daughter shortly before I started my masters at UTA, and with a very busy schedule full of classes, homework, exams and projects, it was very challenging to manage my responsibilities between my family and my schoolwork. Though, I eventually learned how to deal with the challenges. I learned how to become a multitasking mom, and I became more determined to finish my graduate studies.

The University of Texas has a very good reputation in my country (Palestine) and now I am very proud to be a graduate of the University of Texas system.

I want my girls to grow happy and healthy, to always follow their dreams and to inspire others.”